“Cherry picking” avocados – Upscaling fluorescence measurements of avocado canopies from a cherry picker

Juliane Bendig, Deepak Gautam and Richard Ballard teamed up with Rhys Wyber (PhD candidate, University of Wollongong) to investigate the effect of scaling Laser Induced Fluorescence Transient (LIFT) and Sun-Induced chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) measurements from individual leaves to canopy scale. The fieldwork was carried out in an avocado orchard on Summerland House Farm in Alstonville (NSW, Australia). The instruments were mounted on a cherry picker (knuckle boom lift) to capture fluorescence measurements from different distances over the canopy. The aim of the experiment is to examine if correlations found between LIFT photosynthetic measurements and SIF measured on the leaf-level hold at larger canopy scales.

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