Drone Remote Sensing and Mapping CourseIMG_1462

Drone technology is maturing rapidly. New sensors and mapping techniques could provide much needed ultra-high resolution spatial data for informed decision-making, but…

  • What sensors can provide the best solution?
  • How should the data be processed?
  • What are the benefits of multi/hyperspectral, thermal sensors, cameras and laser scanners?
  • How can accurate 3D data be derived?
  • What is the most suitable software?
  • What accuracy can be achieved?
  • How can raw sensor data be related to real-world measurements?
  • What combination of drone airframes and sensors would best suit your application?

These and other questions require some knowledge in remote sensing and spatial sciences. This course offers a core module and application-focused sub-modules that will give you the foundational knowledge and practical skills you need to make the most of state-of-the-art drone technology.



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