Deepak Gautam recently published an article at American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of Surveying Engineering

This article compares the position and orientation accuracy of two MEMS-based IMU/GNSS (Advanced Navigation Spatial Dual, and Xsens MTi-G-700). The IMU/GNSS under investigation were mounted along with a FOG-based tactical grade IMU (Novatel SPAN). Ground-based experiments were performed at oval sport field of University of Tasmania to assess the accuracy of the two IMUs in reference to the SPAN IMU. Results show that post-processed position solution of accuracy better than 3 cm is readily achievable on a dynamic platform. MEMS-based IMU achieved roll and pitch angle accuracy within a degree. One of the key findings of this study was that MEMS-based IMU with dual antennae outperformed the tactical grade IMU in determining the absolute heading.

The study determined the suitability of the IMU/GNSS to measure the position and orientation of a UAS-mounted point measuring spectroradiometer. The article can be found at the DOI: Feel free to contact corresponding author Deepak Gautam ( for a copy of the article.

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