Video of X8 flying-wing UAV with multi-sensor payload

In August, we performed a test with an X8 flying wing and Pixhawk autopilot. We wanted to test a new bungee launch system and ran three machine vision cameras capturing multispectral information (each camera captured a different spectral wavelength). Some of the video footage was shot from a DJI Phantom2 Vision+ flown by Dr Guy Willians. The X8 was flown by Darren Turner.

Comment on drones in Science

Dr Zbynek Malenovsky (member of the TerraLuma group) commented on the article “Drones Flying High as New Tool for Field Biologists” in Science Magazine. See: by Dr Zbynek Malenovsky: In this News & Analysis story, R. Schiffman presents an employment of drones in tracking and protecting wildlife in Africa. The article gives…

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