Recent funding by the Australian Research Council

Discovery Project DP180103460: Associate Professor Arko Lucieer; Professor Stuart Phinn; Professor Susanne Schmidt; Dr Kasper Johansen; Professor Nicholas Coops

Ultrahigh-resolution remote sensing for assessing biodiversity hotspots. Robust indicators are central to the complex problem of conserving vegetation biodiversity. The project aims to address this by developing advanced techniques for interpreting data from ultrahigh-resolution remote sensing of essential indicators in Australian biodiversity hotspots. The expected benefit is to significantly advance international efforts in the large-scale validation of biodiversity indicators mapped from satellites.

Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities LE180100118: Associate Professor Arko Lucieer; Dr Vanessa Lucieer; Dr Zbynek Malenovsky; Associate Professor Luis Gonzalez; Professor Jonathan Roberts; Dr Christoph Rüdiger; Professor Sharon Robinson; Professor Stuart Phinn; Dr Andrew McGrath

Sensor calibration facility for spectral and thermal remote sensing. This project aims to establish a calibration facility for the radiometric and spectral correction of hyperspectral and thermal sensors for ultrahigh-resolution remote sensing. Sensor calibration and characterisation is critical to the accuracy of hyperspectral and thermal data products, however, there is no central facility in Australia for this purpose. This project will provide significant benefits, such as growing our capacity in ultrahigh-resolution remote sensing for ecosystem science, biosecurity, and disaster response.


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